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Best unstoppable tank tactics

Tank-Only Strategy

Boom Beach Tank

When using all Tanks, especially at lower levels, it can be easy to use up all of your energy barraging and artillery-ing defenses while not leaving enough energy to land all your Tanks ashore! This can be avoided by landing your Tanksfirst, then using your energy on the key-defensive buildings. The Tank’s defensive rival is the Boom Cannon. Cannons along with Sniper Towers do decent amounts of damage as well.

There are more ways to taking out these key defensive buildings than to just simply barrage them, but by using the “Shush” tactic. The “Shush” tactic is used by shocking, then rushing. With the extra energy added to the barrage and artillery every time you use them, it can be a game-changer to save energy by using the shock bomb and flare to take out a pesky defensive building. The best way to take advantage of the “Shush” tactic is by flaring to the desired building, then shocking as soon as the defensive building acquires one of your Tanks.

Mank Strategy (Tank + Medics)

Boom Beach Medic Strategy

The Mank strategy is effective for conserving energy, and keeping your Tanks in the fight! Having only a few medics barely affects the livelihood of your Tanks, so for lower leveled players it’s recommended to have at least two landing crafts of medics. More than two will assure your Tanks will stay in the fight for longer, but will lower your overall DPS.

Some things to keep in mind when using medics are that it will be much harder to preform flanking maneuvers with smoke. If you need to get all your Tanksbehind a tough defense, don’t expect your medics to stay in the smoke. Medics are the only troop that do not follow flares, but follows the troops that they need to keep an eye on for medical attention.

The Mank strategy is best used when dealing with Rocket Launchers, Mortars, and Machine Guns.

Tankerman Strategy (Tank + Riflemen)

Riflemen can be a great mix with Tanks when faced with many anti-tank defenses such as Sniper Towers,Cannons, and Boom Cannons. Riflemen have a closer range than Tanks so most of the focus will be on them. When using the Tankermen combo, you should focus your gunboat energy on rocket launchers, and use as many shock bombs and med-kits as you can. Many of your riflemen may be taken down, but by that time, most of the anti-tank defenses will be destroyed as well. But don’t worry, riflemen don’t cost that much time and gold to re-train, especially compared to Tanks!

Gretankier Strategy (Tank + Grenadier)

Grenadier Boom Beach

Grenadiers and Tanks are like burgers and fries, the sun and the moon, and bacon and eggs! Wait, bacon.. Too many friends.. Anyway, because of the grenadiers very long range, they can clear large sections of beaches all by themselves.

The only defensive buildings that can reach the grenadier (except for the experimental weapons) are Sniper Towers, Boom Cannons, Shock and Rocket Launchers, and Mortars. Having this in mind, the defensive buildings I just mentioned can still take damage from grenadiers while not being able to acquire them.

How? If there is a defensive building the grenadier can out-range in front of a building that normally can reach the grenadier, the grenadier can still remain untouchable. Why would you need Tanks then? Although grenadiers can devastate beaches, when it comes to targeting the HQ, they tend to kill time due to their inaccuracy, and wind up losing the fight. It is at this point that Tanks come in handy. Also, when using the Gretankier combo, medics are a must. This Troop combo is extremely effective for Tanks.

Torcher Strategy (Tank + Scorcher)

Scorcher Tank Strategy

The Torcher strategy is an iron fist that will leave beaches in ruin. Scorchers can soak up massive amounts of damage, but tend to weave themselves into defenses, getting in the middle of everything, and cost a whopping 12 energy to land a single unit. Because of this, it is not advisable to use medics as they will die quickly. The torcher combo is best used for players who have enough gunboat energy to deploy them, and still have some left over to take out some Boom Cannons.

Scorchers move as fast as riflemen and will always get in front of your Tanks, soaking up all the damage.Scorchers are susceptible to flamethrower and machine gun fire, so you should take those out with your Tanksfirst before using the scorcher(s) to distract incoming firepower from the Tanks. Boom Cannons will be the biggest threat against this troop combination (except for experimental weapons).

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