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Best Tips for Colonel Gearheart, LT. Hammerman Attacks and more!

Colonel Gearheat


Colonel Gearheart is a fierce NPC character that brings some real challenges to every player, as Colonel Gearheart uses every prototype weapon there is, with huge amounts of health and damage boosts! If you damage enough of her buildings, you will be rewarded with prototype modules and resource rewards.

What is the best way to damage most of her buildings, then? Riflemen, medics, and tanks wont bring you much luck with Gearheart, as rocket launchers and boom cannons will wipe them out almost immediately. Since her base is set up to take the swiftest and heftiest foes, you are narrowed down to few options to take down as many buildings as possible.

The smokey warrior strategy is a no-brainer, but if you don’t have high leveled warriors, your best bet will then be grenadiers. Simply landing them just out of the range of her deadly prototype modules and rockets by acquiring targets in front of them, you will ensue a splurge of unpredictable destruction!

LT. Hammerman


After all those days of fighting over islands and destroying his base, Hammerman seeks revenge! Once a week, Hammerman will be ready to lay his troops on your shore, only to attempt to rebuild his confidence. If you lose the battle against Hammerman, he will not take any loot at all from you, however, you do have to spend gold to initiate his attack.

Hammerman does not use any gunboat energy when attacking your beach, but instead sends incredible amounts of troops your way! He will send waves and waves of troops, depending on your victory point count. Now that all that is cleared up, let’s discuss the best ways to defend against Hammerman. No matter what your base setup, you will have to rearrange your base in a way that your HQ is as far back as possible, as well as your launchers.

The further back your launchers are, the more time they have to pummel those blackgaurd troops! If your base is spread out, this will also be an advantage in that his troops will be under fire longer, and also the fact that Hammerman’s attack is timed as well!

Dr Terror


Dr Terror now comes 5 whopping times a week, which is a big win for all types of players! Some people argue that this has added some complications into achieving huge upgrades, but you can overcome this easily. The weekly schedule for events currently is ( Dr. Terror, Dr. Terror, Colonel Gearheart, Dr. Terror, Dr. Terror, Lieutenant Hammerman, Dr. Terror ).

So as you can see, Dr. Terror days are back to back. Knowing this, (if you’re worried about getting enough loot for big upgrades) You can wait for Dr. Terror’s time to run out until its about 30 mins left. Then you can boost your statues, attack his base and reach as many stages as you can, then when his time runs out, his next base will appear in no time! This effectively offers 14 stages, with just as much loot Terror had to offer as before!



The new gunboat energy ability called “Critters” adds a whole-new dimension to attacking strategies, and act as warriors. When you level them up in the armory, you will gain extra critters, but their health and damage remain the same. Critters are excellent for distracting massive defenses while damaging them, however, they cost a hefty amount of gunboat energy, so use them wisely!

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