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Best GEMMING videos of ALL TIME! (Clash, Boom, Royale)

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Hey! I’m Nick, I go by nickatnyte.
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  1. I used this app once, took me a month to make $5 not worth it in my opinion.

  2. I used this app before, took me a month to make $5 not worth it in my opinion.

  3. I remember watching that video with apple support when it came out… best ever.

  4. nick ur such an amazing person. u make me laugh so much every video. keep doing what your doing, thanks for once again making my day buddy! stay awesome

  5. ok someone claming to be u kicked all my clan members was that u

  6. Most Epic video ive seen ever 😀 11/10 Nick your amazing and yes ive been here since just after Boom Beach


  8. Hey what is the name or the link of your second channel I want to watch your vids :)

  9. Definitely a good use of my storage so nickatnyte can draw more unicorns.

  10. Where are the coc videos

  11. I've tried that website before and only every other app gives me points, any suggestions?

  12. This is Nick. This is Nick on gems. Don't be like Nick.

  13. Hahaha the dope zebra!

  14. im in war against you. .. #de snille

  15. What is the music name at 1:40 ? It is damn cool!

  16. hahah 10/10 for the unicorn nick

  17. hey im a veteran and could i get 10$ in gems for coc

  18. Hey nick can I use the I tunes cards if there in dollars and I'm in the uk App Store or do i need to change my region to use them?

  19. After watching this video, I become your fan.

  20. Hey Nick I'm only level three, and I can't beat a prince yet because I have no defense cards and my offense cards get taken out by the troops behind the prince. Any type of card I should try to get to defend that rush with a prince archers and a full peka?

  21. Sweet mother of god that song….

  22. hahaha hah nice videos dude I subbed can u check my channel

  23. says thousands of vids
    Has 1298

  24. I wish I had supporters to spend gems like that.

  25. my fav youtuber you are nick!!

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    getting points in return. My code for AppJoyVideo is t11084. Every 5
    people that enter this code in is one that I can enter in for Nick
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  27. need diamond for boombeach

  28. chucking ? at apple

  29. Hey!! it will be nice to try to use others invite codes to help them from time to time …. Start with mine please 2ee093b7. …… Haha :D


  31. Free my apps – a3cd3579
    Add me to nickatnyte
    Thank you and i love ur videos ???????????

  32. my free apps is a scam!

  33. "What's your YouTube channel?" "630$"

  34. SuperCell likes this video

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