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BEAT Hammerman Stages 1-7! Boom Beach New Event Tutorial!

Boom Beach Hammerman Strikes back event from February 23rd 2016. These strategies apply to all Boom Beach Hammerman events! Build the perfect base to lure troops around, and destroy them to win!
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  1. yo nick can you tell me the name of the song in the end please?

  2. Ice health is better in my opinion

  3. Nick I challenge you to attack with any army but only Shock bomb, Flare, Smoke and Medkit!!!
    (That means NO artillery, Barrage or Critters)

  4. What I want to know is why does he use artillery at the start of the game but not now? After you use barrages on him

  5. Hey Nick, When u attack Dr. Terror if u look on the out side for sharks u will see ice in the corners! New update!?

  6. what clan are you in ?

  7. What do you set you time to so you can get Royal

  8. Join my boom beach clan "Ontario" 500 vp entry never defend is leader- 10k force points

  9. Unanse a nuestra fuerza operativa su nombre es : CPF buscamos gente de cualquier nivel paea hacer operaciones, vamos Unanse :).

  10. Can you please smoke ever troop?

  11. any ideas about how to change the time zone???

  12. Thanks for the Video bruh!
    Any advice on how to get members for our Task Force? Been trying
    Maybe you can join and give it a try 😉 It's Zombie 01 #8PYJYYC9
    See ya there!

  13. Precise Aim
    TF Name: Precise Aim
    Tag: #82Q8RYP9
    Requirements: Anyone is welcome, preferably with experience.
    Must attack every op!
    New and growing Task Force need a few more members!
    We have high level people in charge and are looking to expand, anyone is welcome!

  14. Are exited for the comeback of the mega crab?

  15. awesome man. u didn't even need to boost. hopefully supercell doesn't make it harder because of this video!!###$%$/!*..
    lol… of they do were ready for them. or you are at least!!!

  16. Cool Vids. 1 Subscriber more ^^

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