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“ALL HANDS ON DECK!” Warship Rising (10 vs 10 Real-Time Esport Battle)

New iOS/Android Warship Rising Game with Nickatnyte! Download Warship Rising here: http://6wav.es/WarshipNickatnyte Thank you to Warship Rising for sponsoring this episode!

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  1. This is a ripoff of war robots way better game you should check it out

  2. I love all of your uploads but this game is beat! Lol

  3. This makes me feel bad for WG. Btw New Mexico only has 2 turrets for some reason…

  4. The 2 shells were for fore and aft. Fire broadside when both turrets can target to make both shells go.

  5. Navel creed way better than this that's a rip off check out navel creed I promess its better

  6. Nickatnyte do a last day video plz

  7. A similiar game is called war of warships. Its very fun. Would recamend it. Also another fun game is called boom guns.

  8. This channel has fallen off a bit. The views are going down so much🤕🙏

  9. Reach out to wargaming and try some of their mobiles like world of warships blitz and world of tanks blitz they are better versions of whatever that was

  10. Play RULES OF SURVIVAL please it's such a good game

  11. Play more last day on earth survival 1.6.9 new guns yes

  12. I first you in clash royale and I one

  13. Nickatnyte, please stop playing this game I rather u play world of warships

  14. Epic graphics and historically accurate

  15. Since when did New Mexico only have 2 main batteries?

  16. Hi plz join my clan clash Royal name Lords Dragon 2 members required 200 troopies
    Both of us are in arena 9 with
    2620 bro

  17. Nick your channel is dying don't just play mobile games play games on PC console and stuff like that on PC u can play cs go or any other game and on console u can play this fun game called fort nite it's free

  18. Hey nick I changed my channel name just yesterday and I posted my first gaming vid if you want to go check it out

  19. At last day on earth survival the update 1.6.9 and are some big changes so make a video please

  20. Go back to uploading last day on earth every so often

  21. Hey how can a lvl 1 ayer get all legendary cards. A player played against me with all legendary cards despite he was lvl 1 he lost and he is on arena 9 at which I am right now. Some one pls reply me I will send the player tag to and just check out his deck and his lvl too.
    Clash Royale developers pls help.

  22. in plain jane he says he was only 8 years old watchin nick at nyte

  23. Lol world of warships blitz is so much better

  24. Rip off of world of Warships. Don’t play.

  25. Love you vids mannn keep doing them bro

  26. Plz do more of this gamee i tried it and got addicted

  27. I'm trying to join your guild on warship rising but it says your join request inbox is full… Rip! Lol you must not play this game much lol I actually enjoy it a lot!

  28. If you played this game a little then how you get 4 star naval base?! It took me months to get there! (I played at least once a day)

  29. I have the game on my tablet and i are ready have 11 warships when i first played

  30. World of warship blitz is better than this game

  31. This is the best warship game you can play on tablet or phone, way better then the awkward game play of world of warships blitz

  32. No I think you just need to take some tactics training that was some pretty sorry maneuvering and gun placement

  33. This game is sick right now I'm trying to find more games to play on my iPad gonna play this after the video keep up the good work nick

  34. You suck I can bet you my name is lordship.

  35. New iOS/Android Warship Rising Game with Nickatnyte! Download Warship Rising here: http://6wav.es/WarshipNickatnyte

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