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Boom Beach Research Tips

Try to minimize your attack force, i.e. go all Tanks, or all Heavy or all all Warriors. This willdrastically reduce research training costs for your army. More gold to spend means faster expansion! If you are having a hard time saving resources for larger upgrades, start focusing on upgradingyour Vault to decrease the amount of loot that can be stolen from your base. A single Sculptor statue is worth multiple troops on the battle field. ...

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Rain Maker

The Rain Maker is a Prototroop that fires a salvo of shells at enemy buildings from a very long range. Each shell explodes into shrapnel, dealing further damage, and are capable of triggering Mines, Boom Mines, and Shock Mines. The blueprints for the Rain Maker can be purchased from the Trader as part of an additional offer after the Armory is upgraded to at least ...

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Boom Beach Finding the Perfect Base Layout! Fan Base Design Reviews! (2)

Reviewing fan’s bases episode 2! The search for the perfect base layout continues! Will we ever find it?! Best Boom Beach gameplay, attack strategies and amazing base designs here on CosmicDuo Like the video? Subscribe! http://bit.ly/CosmicDuoYT Second Channel: http://bit.ly/cosmicuno Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cosmicduo/ Receive Free Diamonds or Gems: https://youtu.be/lESr-R645Cg More Boom Beach Tips: http://www.boomzone.net Start here with this Boom Beach Playlist!- http://bit.ly/1r21Kce ...

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I’m A 35 Yr Old Idiot Who Plays BOOM BEACH

Support Us Here: http://www.amazon.com/?tag=gepsfjs-20 Or Here: http://www.patreon.com/FarrisJimmyShow Thanks for watching the Farris and Jimmy Show! We are vloggers living in Las Vegas, NV. Visit our site: www.FarrisJimmyShow.com for more information. We are a husband and wife duo that have been married for over 15 years and going strong. We love the Lord Jesus and are so blessed that He has ...

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Boom Beach Task Force tutorial (Part 5)

In this tutorial we wrap up the series and take a look at an actual operation and the OP GUI. See Part 1 for searching and joining a task force See Part 2 for searching and joining a task force See Part 3 for the ins and outs of intel See Part 4 for a runthrough of the task force ...

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“The Cryoneer freezes enemy buildings, slowing them down and dealing moderate damage. Be careful, as your own troops can get hit by the Freeze Beam!” The Cryoneer is unlocked at Headquarters level 20, making it the ninth troop to unlock, and currently the last one to be unlocked. It shoots Freeze Beams from a moderate range with a beam-rake effect ...

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Update: HQ 22, Statue Storage, Ranks, and Supply Chest!

NEW STUFF! Headquarters level 22 Armory Level 22 brings new upgrades for Troops and Gunboat abilities Statue Storage allows storage for new Statues before they’re placed in the base. Be careful! You cannot store statues once they have been placed. Ranks! Increase your Victory Points to rank up. The higher your Rank, the better your daily rewards will be. Supply ...

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Task Force

Task Forces are collaborative groups of players. You must have at least a level 6 Headquarters to create a Task Force. You can join a Task Force without having a level 6 or higher Headquarters, but you must be invited to the Task Force through the Friends List. Users in a Task Force can chat with each other. Players in ...

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“Launch these robotic troopers to distract and destroy enemy buildings.” The Critters ability is currently the seventh and last Gunboat Weapon unlocked for the Gunboat at Headquarterslevel 19. The Critters ability releases many small drones that can distract and attack buildings. Critters cannot be healed by the Medkit or the Medic. They also will not follow Flares. Magma statues will not increase ...

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