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7 Troop Combos in Boom Beach

One of the great things about Boom Beach is that there are many different ways to attack your enemies, and different troop combinations work well in different situations. Here we take a look at some of the best troop combinations in the game!

Rifleman Rush

The all-rifleman rush is a basic tactic that is very effective in the early stages of the game, but extremely challenging to pull off later on. A large number of Riflemen can easily overpower most single-target defenses and really only can be stopped by Rocket Launchers or high-level Flamethrowers and Machine Guns. Still, for most beginning players, this is the way to go.


This is one of the earliest troop combinations available in Boom Beach and therefore one of the most popular ones to use. The Heavys serve as a Meat Shield to soak up all the incoming damage and the Zookassit back and destroy all the enemy buildings. The only thing to watch out for is defensive units targeting your Zookas. If this happens, use your flares and smoke screens to protect and re-position your troops.

Tanks and Medics

This technique, known as “TMed” is perfect for once you’ve got both Tanks and Medics available. It is a tried and true approach to Boom Beach domination. Although the tanks are susceptible to high damage single unit defenses like the Boom Cannon, the Medics keep your tanks healed against most other attacks. The other advantage that this combination has is high re-playability. If you’re successful in your attack, there’s a good chance you won’t lose any troops at all, meaning no wait time between invasions.

Although this potent troop combination can bust through just about any island defensive setup, a common technique is to “flare” up the side of the base to get closer to the HQ and avoid some of the bases Cannons, Boom Cannons, and Boom Mines. If you do this, you may need to apply a series of smoke screens as you go to keep your Medics safe from attack.

Tanks and Medics Take the Beach

Warrior Rush

The all-Warrior rush is another extremely popular troop tactic for quickly taking out an enemy base. It’s so effective that many players complain that Warriors are overpowered. And while a properly set up base defense can make an all-Warrior rush fail, more times than not your Warriors will prevail.

This tactic really comes into its own when you reach HQ Level XX and unlock the smoke screen ability. With a combination of smoke and flares, you can navigate your invading Warriors directly to the enemy HQ, where they will quickly destroy it. Just be sure to neutralize those Rocket Launchers and nearby Flamethrowers and Machine Guns.

Smoky Warrior Rush in Boom Beach

Riflemen Zooka Medic

This is a less common but still very effective troop combination strategy in Boom Beach. Riflemen, Zookas and Medics combine to overwhelm single-target defenses like the Sniper Tower, Boom Cannon and Cannon. Although Riflemen and Zookas both have low health, the Riflemen act as a fast-moving shield for the Zookas, and the Medics stay close to heal as much as possible. To make this tactic work, you need to make sure you destroy any Rocket Launchers with your Gunboat artillery and barrages before you storm the beach.

Scorchers and Tanks

This is an expensive but deadly troop combination for players who have reached the later stages of the game. In this combination, your tanks are there to do most of the damage while the Scorchers act as (very erratic) shields to attract the attention of all the base defenses.

A common setup for players with eight landing craft is to use three Scorchers and fill the rest with Tanks. You’ll need a lot of Gunboat Energy to pull off this combination, not only to unload the units but to take out enemy Boom Cannons first!

Boom Beach Scank Attack

Grenadiers and Tanks

These guys like to go at it from long range. Grenadiers cause massive damage but are inaccurate, and if you’re not careful the grenades they throw can damage your own troops. Not so with Tanks, which fire from a far enough range that they avoid the grenades. A good attack plan is to have an even number of landing craft for both your Grenadiers and Tanks. To inflict more damage, tip the balance in the favor of Grenadiers. To last longer in battle and absorb more damage, tip the balance towards your tanks. Optional: fill one landing craft with Medics to keep everyone healthy.


Bonus: Medics and Critters

With the newest release of Boom Beach, Critters make for a very, um, interesting attack plan. In the past, the all-medic attack was a bit of a joke, as your medics would just stand around on the beach. But now with Critters as a Gunboat attack, you can fill your Landing Craft with Medics and then unleash the Critters! Your Medics will follow them into battle and keep them healed for a very long time. This is still more of a joke strategy than an actual technique, but it can be extremely fun to watch!

Medic Only Attack

Boom Beach Medics and Critters

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