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7 Tips for Scorchers in Boom Beach

The Scorcher is the newest troop in Boom Beach and becomes available to players who have a level 18 HQ or higher. It’s big, bad, and expensive — and a lot of fun to play. The Scorcher has massive health, making it exceptional as a shield for other units. But it has some erratic behavior as well, meaning you need to employ some strategy to take full advantage. Read on through these ten tips to get the most from this fire-breathing monster of a troop.

Tip 1 – Load up on Gunboat Energy

Boom Beach ScorcherEach Scorcher requires a hefty 12 Gunboat Energy for deployment. That can soak up your GBE pretty quickly, so most successful attackers will optimize their statues to provide extra GBE. In addition to a Masterpiece GBE statue, you’ll want at least one Guardian and possibly more (especially if you plan to pair up your Scorchers with Tanks — but more on that later.

Tip 2 – Pair Up with Zookas

A great unit to pair up with Scorchers are Zookas. The strategy, known as Sooka, is of course very similar to the time-tested Hooka strategy which uses Heavies. Here, you’ll put Scorchers in front of your Zookas to attract and soak up all the base defense attacks, allowing your Zookas to destroy everything in sight.

Tip 3 – Avoid Riflemen and Medics

Boom Beach - No MedicAs a rule of thumb, never pair up Scorchers with Riflemen or Medics. Both units tend to follow the Scorchers too closely, and are therefore easy targets for splash damage from base defenses targeting the Scorchers. In addition, Medics are generally unnecessary because of the Scorcher’s high health.

In addition, when Scorchers are destroyed, they explode and cause collateral damage to everything nearby. This includes your own troops. There’s really nothing worse than losing a pack of Medics when your own Scorcher is destroyed.

Tip 4 – Take Out Those Boom Cannons

Scorchers can take a lot of damage from base defenses, but they’re still vulnerable to the heavy damage coming from Boom Cannons. Be sure to take out Boom Cannons before you land your troops — but remember to leave enough GBE to deploy your Scorchers! If there is a Boom Cannon right near the beach, it may be a viable strategy to shock it and then deploy your troops on top of it to take it out before it can get off a shot.

Tip 5 – Flare, Smoke and Reset

Scorchers have a wild habit of randomly selecting new targets after a few seconds of attacking, making them wild and unpredictable. As a result, they can travel pretty far into an enemy base. Sometimes too far. In these situations, don’t panic. Simply “call back” your Scorchers by placing down a flare and if necessary, use your smoke screen to protect them on the way back to safety. Soon they’ll be ready to charge back in…

Tip 6 – Try Scorchers and Tanks for Fun

Although the pairing of Scorchers and Zookas pretty much can’t be beat, a fun alternative is to try Scorchers and Tanks together in a pairing called (of course) “Scanks.” They use up a lot of Gunboat Energy to deploy, but since both units can soak up a lot of damage, they’re nearly invulnerable.

If you’re used to the more conventional “TMed” attack, this new approach might take a little getting used to. In this formation, Tanks dish out the damage while the Scorchers absorb it.

A good grouping is to use three Scorchers and fill the rest of your Landing Craft with Tanks. You’ll need some decent GBE statues to fully deploy your units and take out any nearby Boom Cannons.

Tip 7 – Have Fun!

Scorchers are a fun unit to play, between their heavy damage absorption and their random zig-zagging through bases. Remember to try out lots of different troop combinations and strategies when playing with this incredible new unit!

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