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Tip#1 : How to Hit Towers Without Getting Hit

How to hit towers with grenadiers
How to hit towers with grenadiers

If you don’t know by now, grenadiers have incredible range. That’s the key to the success of playing it. You want to obliterate the enemy’s base with minimal or no loss.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can hit every tower without getting hit. To avoid getting hit, you need cover. As shown in the picture, you can take cover behind buildings. If you can find a place to throw your grenades, you can easily destroy half the base without taking any damage.

Tip#2 : How To Destroy Headquarters within Time Limit

The hug (grenadier)
The hug (grenadier)

If you find yourself running out of time, this is a fantastic tip that I discovered by accident. Just place a flare beside the HQ and see that HP level drop like a fat man drinking his slurpee .

If you do it correctly, all the grenadiers will hit the HQ 100% of the time and you are bound to kill it off. Just make sure there are no other towers nearby. Sometimes, in the rare occasion that your grenades damage your own troops, just move them a little back.

Tip#3 : How To Make Grenadiers Hit Exactly Where You Want It To

Slingshotting Grenadiers Boom Beach
Slingshotting Grenadiers Boom Beach

I call this slingshotting. It’s using one base to aim for the tower you want. Most of the time, you want to kill off the Snipers and Cannons first, since these are the ones that can kill you.

As shown in the picture, to get the Boom Cannon, I positioned my grenadiers to be in the same line of fire and destroyed the Boom Cannon without any loss.

Tip#4: What Towers to Avoid and What Towers Do You Go For?

Here are the towers you don’t want to go head on:

– Sniper Towers (They usually can kill you in 3 shots or less)

– Boom Cannons (One hit K.O.)

– Normal Cannons (Sometimes they hit you when you are not careful. I’ll explain how to avoid getting it in another post)

Here are the Towers you go for(remember to slingshot so it kills off the other towers)

– Machine Guns (These can’t reach you unless you are careless)

– Flamethrowers (These are of no threat to you at all)

– Any other building

Tip #5: What Bases To Go For?

Keep in mind that not all bases are grenadier-friendly. However, the good news is, bases that are not Warrior-friendly, Hooka-friendly, or Tmed-friendly, are Grenadiers-friendly. Most of these bases that defend against other troops happen to be extremely advantageous for Grenadiers.

So you have the advantage when the bases are configured to defend against other troops.

The best kind of bases look like these:

Best Bases For Grenadiers
Best Bases For Grenadiers

Look at this beauty! Lots of cover from all angles, Boom Cannons are at the back, mines are all in one spot! Of course, it got pwned 😛  ( I avoided the mines by going to the right.)

Remember, it’s all about cover and angle.

Tip #6: What Bases To Avoid?

Worst Bases Grenadier
Worst Bases Grenadier

This is absolutely terrible for grenadiers.

  1. They cannot hit the mines in front of the towers.
  2. The Sniper towers are all in front. It means there is no cover.

I didn’t bother attacking this base. It would be a disaster. On a side note, if you are preventing a Grenadier’s attack, this would be the base to go for.


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