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4 Ways You Can Use Scorchers for Maximum Impact

1. Scorchers + Zookas

When Scorchers first arrived in Boom Beach, pairing them up with Zookas was the most popular strategy, and it still remains a great technique. Scorchers act as roving meat-shields, attracting the attention of all the base defenses, while your Zookas sit back safely and unleash heavy damage.

Before you unload, make sure you take out any nearby Boom Cannons and Doom Cannons to protect your Scorchers. Then, set them loose. About the only thing you need to watch out for is mines that are not hit by the Scorchers on their way through the base. You made need to take these out with Artillery before your Zookas accidentally step on them.

A good ratio for this attack is to use 3-4 landing craft with Scorchers and the rest with Zookas.

2. SCANKS (Scorchers plus Tanks)

Another high-GBE (aren’t they all?) strategy for Scorchers is to pair them up with Tanks. The Scorchers act as the meat shields in this scenario, while the Tanks provide some heavy damage potential. You really do need a lot of GBE to pull this off, since everything you unload from your landing craft requires GBE to do so.

Scorchers with Tanks in Boom Beach

The basic attack is very similar to Scorchers + Zookas, although you rarely have to worry about mines, since they do very little damage to Tanks.

A great setup for this attack is to use 2-3 landing craft full of Scorchers and the rest filled with Tanks.

3. All Scorcher Attack

All Scorcher Attack in Boom Beach

Ready for some hectic high Gunboat Energy chaos? Try an all-Scorcher attack. You will really need to have lots of GBE statues fully boosted in order to pull this one off, but it’s great fun to watch (and to think about your victim watching the attack replay when he logs into the game).

As always, try to take out as many nearby Boom Cannons as you can, although you’ll need to save enough GBE to fully deploy your Scorcher Army. If some of the Boom Cannons are near the shore, it makes sense to Shock them instead, since the wave of Scorchers will take them out before they get off more than one shot.

There’s nothing quite like unleashing a full eight landing craft full of Scorchers on an opponent!

4. The Smokey Scorcher

Ever notice how most people tuck their HQ building in the back of the map and then surround it with Flamethrowers and Machine Guns? This is typically done to protect the HQ from an all-Warrior smoke rush, a common raiding technique. But these defenses are no match for Scorchers, and by using the “Smokey Scorcher” technique, you can take down these HQs easily.

One note: this is a high Gunboat Energy style attack, of course that’s always true of Scorchers. But you’re going to want at least a few GBE statues (possibly boosted) before you attempt this technique.

Here’s how it works: first, you’ll only need between 1 and 3 Scorchers to pull off most of your attacks. So give your other troops a rest and let them watch the action from their landing craft.

Next, as with all Scorcher attacks, you want to first take out any Boom Cannons or Doom Cannons that are in range of the area around the HQ. It pays to do a little scouting before you launch your assault on the island. Next, deploy your Scorchers and drop a flare near the HQ, preferably behind it. Then drop smoke screens to cover your Scorchers as they make their way to the HQ.

Once they arrive, they’ll take out the nearby Flamethrowers and Machine Guns and then go to work on the HQ. Use any remaining GBE that you have to take out any pesky defenses still in range.

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