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  1. I love you! Do you remember my video about you? )

  2. lol thecat on the bed is cutee

  3. I downloaded the app

  4. if you walk around the streets and pick up pennies you'll get the money a lot faster

  5. dude make live vids..You get more subs faster

  6. Pocket flip sucks few apps to download

  7. I used to dislike the kid who started off the video, but seeing them in the same video makes me like them equally.

  8. You can't just say you got 33,000 diamonds but only have 5,000 that's a joke lol

  9. Wow! 😍 Que chico tan Guapo y Sexy. 💕😍

  10. ragxye647 add my code on PocketFlip

  11. 😝😝😝 dumb and dumber use us as guinea pig so they can make money to play boom Beach🖕🏽🖕🏻🖕 use are pathetic (fu ) n ur 💩app 🍆✊🏻🍆✊🏻🌶 f wankers

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