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Warrior Rush Strategy


This is a known and simple, yet very powerfull strategy to win battles in Boom Beach. It requires you to have a pure troop of Warriors. The warriors deals a nice amount of damage, while they can also heal themself. As your going with a high number of troop units, you are good versus single target defensive buildings, while you ... Read More »

Lt. Hammerman’s HQ Strategies


Hammerman’s HQ 1 (10): Recommended Army: 2+ Heavies and 6+ Zookas First destroy or weaken a Mortar with Artillery. Then use Heavies as a meat shield with Zookas behind them and take out the MMG 9000. Then, Flare your Troops to place out of range of the other Mortar and take out the Headquarters. Hammerman’s HQ 2 (20): Recommended Army: 4+ Heavies & 12+ Zookas First use a few Artillery to destroy or weaken the Cannons on one side of the Headquarters. Then send out ... Read More »

  • Medic


    “Make love, not war! The Medic is opposed to all kinds of violence. Instead of grabbing a rifle, he heals other troops to help our cause.” Summary ​The Medic requires Level 15 Headquarters, making it the last troop to unlock. The Medic heals other troops, increasing their survivability. Offensive Strategy ​Keep the Medic behind other troops so that defensive buildings won’t target them. Make sure you have at ... Read More »
  • Warrior


  • Zooka


  • Tank


  • Rifleman


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