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Boom Beach Starter Guide


Progression Terms Victory Points - Do you see that number below your name? Those are your Victory Points (VPs, sometimes called medals). When one of your freed villages gets invaded by the Blackguard, you lose a Victory Point. Each time you win a battle, you gain one or more VPs. And every time you are successfully raided, you lose one. Additionally, ... Read More »

Rifleman Rush Tips


The Rifleman is one of the most versatile troops in Boom Beach, and because it’s the first unit unlocked in the game, most players become pretty familiar with this troop early on. The Rifleman is a relatively cheap unit, with low individual damage and health, an inexpensive training cost, and a short training time. The Rifleman moves at moderate speed ... Read More »

Defending Your Base


Defend your HQ If the attacker destroys your Headquarters, they win the entire battle. Everything else blows up, and they steal all of your unprotected loot. Therefore, you need to defend your HQ at all costs. A large portion of your defenses should overlap this important building. Defend your “useless buildings” too Unfortunately, your Sawmill isn’t going to chop up ... Read More »

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